Envious Detailing is here to exceed your expectations with what the final outcome on your car, boat or recreational vehicle can be! Whether it’s a full paint correction with coating application, or a thorough single step polishing to restore the gloss and enhance the clarity, or a thorough full auto detailing, we can deliver time after time! Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Feel confident that when you give us the opportunity to work on your car, it will be done correctly the first time and we will always be willing to go over the car with you and explain the process that was done and the reason that is was done! Envious Detailing is nationally known for performing higher end paint correction and reconditioning services on all types of cars: BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. We strive to keep our reputation for higher quality above quantity of cars we’ve worked on…it’s QUALITY over quantity!!!!

we are a high end auto detailing in newport beach paint correction and mobile detailing in newport beach the best detailer in orange county auto detailing in santa ana Affordable luxury detailing in orange county call us today for auto detailing in irvine

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